Relocating to be with your partner

How to make the move smoother, healthier and more enjoyable for couple? 
Relocating to be with your partner is a huge sacrifice and not a decision to be taken lightly, especially if you’re moving internationally. As we all know though, a lot can be gained through sacrifice and it will most likely bring you closer together as a couple. However, that doesn’t mean that the obvious home sickness and culture shock isn’t relevant – it certainly is. But that is why here at Crown Relocations, we’ve put together the top tips on settling in to your new home. These tips aim to make the transition smoother, healthier and more enjoyable for the both of you.
Do your research
Before you book your ticket and pack your bags, its important you do your research on the country and even more specifically, the city and town you’ll be moving too. This tip can even be applied to those shorter trips and holidays, so it is certainly relevant if you’re considering a permanent move. Local customs such as dress expectations, predominant religions, common working hours and more are great to know. This will ensure that you aren’t thrown off guard once you arrive and avoid any sticky situations.
Get busy!
If you’ve just relocated to be with your beloved partner, your sole purpose of that time is to be there for him/her and that’s important. However, you may find yourself twiddling your thumbs at home waiting for them to come home if you don’t get busy. It is important for everyone to have a purpose, but while your partner is at work, you need to find other things to do as well. In your first few weeks, spend the day out and about, exploring the city and familiarising yourself with the people and culture of your new hometown. You may make some new friends, meet your neighbours or even find a favourite coffee shop to take your spouse to on the weekends. If you’re looking to find work in your new home, you can also do this while you’re out and about – no need to stay behind on your laptop or watching TV, twiddling your thumbs at home.
Find your new favourite place
If you had a favourite place back home, thinking of it may make you feel a little bit home sick. However, you can turn this around! If your favourite place was a library, park, beach or art gallery, go exploring to find and discover your new local one in your new area. It may not compare at first, but you may be surprised how soon it can become your ‘happy place’ where you can go and feel right at home again.
Remember, moving can be a big deal, especially if it’s to support your spouse. However, once you are settled in, you may be surprised how quickly you call the new destination ‘home’. So, embrace the change and remember our team here at Crown Relocations are with you every step of the way!