Transportation in Leeds

Will I need to drive my own vehicle to conduct my everyday life (work/school/shopping)?

Not necessarily, although most people do drive to work in Leeds. Please be aware of parking restrictions.

How can I legally drive a vehicle in Leeds?

EU members and those from commonwealth countries can exchange licenses on arrival to the UK. American citizens will need to take a driving test through the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) to obtain a license (after one year in the UK) and obtain insurance, which is a legal requirement.

What side of the road do people drive on?

The left side.

Describe typical public transportation an expat might use to get around the city.

It is easy to get around Leeds by bus, overland train or the underground subway system (tube) which covers some areas of the city.

Could an expat also use public transportation to get out of the city—to surrounding towns, recreation areas or suburbs? If so, list options.

Yes, there are frequent coaches/buses and trains to other locations in the UK and surrounding Leeds.

In regards to transportation, are there any safety issues I should be aware of?

No, although it is wise to be aware that pick pocketers tend to operate in public transport areas.

Where do I buy tickets/tokens/etc. for the major public transportation?

For both the overland and underground train, you can obtain tickets at the station. You may also buy train and bus tickets at local newsstands, online or by phone.
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