How close-knit is the expat community in this area? How do I get involved with it?
There is a really good chance that some of your neighbors are expatriates themselves. This makes it likely that you will have many opportunities to socialize with other expats.

Networking plays an important role in business and social life in Budapest. Therefore, various business or non-business related events help the expatriates keep in touch.
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Beside expat groups, what is the best way to make social connections outside of work?
There are numerous professional groups and associations that accept new members for nominal annual fees. These associations often provide networking opportunities. A good start would be the chambers of commerce. (For English speakers, this would include the American, British and Canadian Chambers of Commerce.) Also, there are chambers of commerce for Sweden and France. Usually the introduction by an existing member or a recommendation by a common acquaintance suffices to grant you an invitation into one of these groups. Often events are announced via embassies or on the Internet, inviting newcomers along with regular members.

Non-business expat clubs in Budapest include Hash House Harriers, Viking Club and First Tuesday.
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Where can I meet other singles in this city?
Museums, exhibition halls, sport events and theaters are all good options. But virtually everywhere is a potential meeting place as Budapest is a very lively city!
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Are there any unique networking opportunities for accompanying partners?
There are several women's clubs. A few examples are:

  • The North American Women's Association (NAWA) - of interest to women from the US, Canada and Mexico
  • The International Women's Club Foundation (IWCF) - all nationalities
  • The Professional Women's Association (PWA) - all nationalities

These associations provide monthly networking opportunities in the form of dinners, workshops, newcomers' meetings and coffee mornings. Often, members get involved in various activities, including charity balls.
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Useful Links

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