Pet relocations

With a network of pet transfer specialists, we can help guide you through all registrations, special travel requirements and medical regulations.

Where you go, they go

As a Crown customer, rest assured that your pet’s relocation will be managed by caring, knowledgeable and compassionate handlers. With a network of pet transfer specialists, Crown guides you through all registrations, special travel requirements and medical regulations. You can feel confident that your pet will enjoy a safe and successful relocation. With preparation, planning, and affection, your pet will happily adjust to their new home. We’ve listed some advice to help you understand what you can expect when relocating a pet internationally:

Plan ahead

  • Purchase a pet identification tag with your new address and telephone number and attach it to your pet before the move.
  • Where applicable, ensure your pet has a microchip.
  • Find a vet at your new location.

Prepare your pet

  • Maintain a normal routine and stick to the same feeding and walking schedule before and after the move.
  • Prior to the move, place moving boxes in plain sight and move them around so the sound becomes familiar.

Importing pets

  • Ensure your pet is correctly certified based on the destination location.
  • Speak to your vet about relevant rabies and any other required vaccinations.
  • Our knowledge of quarantine and customs in each country ensures an easier transition for both pet and family.

On moving day

  • Try to either leave your pet with a friend, sitter or boarding facility, or keep them in a quiet room with less disruption.
  • Some movers prefer to not have pets around on packing day due to liability reasons, so check with them beforehand.

Settling into your new place

  • Let your pet explore their new surroundings in their own time.
  • Make sure your pets know where their bedding, toys, food, and water are positioned.
  • Reward your pet with plenty of praise and encouragement.

If you’re moving with pets, you want to be certain they’ll be handled with the care and compassion you show for them daily.