Bounded by lush, verdant pastureland, cleaved in two by the majestic Waikato River, is Hamilton, New Zealand’s fourth-largest city. Hamilton lies at the heart of the fierce and proud Waikato region in the North Island, where the New Zealand Land Wars were fought and the Kingitanga (Maori King) movement was formed.

These days, more prosaically, the city forms New Zealand’s educational hub, and is one of its fastest-growing urban centres. The Waikato region has a strong agricultural heritage. Several high-profile businesses, such as Anchor, AgResearch and Gallagher Group, have emerged from the area. The city boasts booming dairy and biotech industries and is now home to no fewer than 9200 businesses. This thriving urban hub provides a lower-cost alternative to Auckland, which now ranks among the world’s top twenty most-expensive cities to live in. The city suffers very little traffic congestion and boasts a world-class mass transit system, including the country’s largest railway junction.

Live music venues, galleries, a sprawling lush public garden park, cafes and superb educational facilities combine to create a city living environment that oozes appeal. Beyond Hamilton’s borders, the Waikato region offers enviable lifestyle options for both young and mature professionals alike.

What is special or unique about your city?
With a rapidly growing population, Hamilton is New Zealand’s largest inland city and one of its greenest. Hamilton lies nestled in the heart of a rich farming region. It has a good climate, beautiful scenery, gorgeous rivers and lakes, a clean, green environment and top educational facilities.

Hamilton has a very prosperous business community.

Hamilton is a 90-minute drive from Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city. Drive west 30 minutes to find the lovely neighbouring seaside town of Raglan, renowned for exceptional fishing and international surfing beaches. An hour east you will find the beautiful, white, sandy beaches of the east coast, offering a variety of water sport options such as swimming, sailing, fishing, water skiing and jet skiing.

What are a newcomer's first impressions of your city?
Hamilton International Airport is only 15 minutes from downtown Hamilton. Upon arrival, you will be impressed with the beautiful greenness and lushness of the countryside. Hamilton’s prosperity comes from being in the centre of the Waikato District, which is renowned for its rich farming and dairy land. Hamilton has all the benefits of a large city with the convenience and lifestyle of a small city. Commuting anywhere within the city boundary takes about 20 minutes.

Hamilton Gardens covers an area of 54 hectares and is the region’s most popular visitor attraction with over 600,000 visitors annually. Hamilton is also world famous for the NZ Agricultural Field days, an event held at Mystery Creek every year in June, drawing around 100,000 visitors over a four-day period.

In addition, Hamilton has an excellent zoo, two swimming complexes, seven golf courses, six libraries, the Waikato Museum of Art and History, a newly completed multi-event sports stadium and a casino. Hamilton also has some of the best shooting ranges in New Zealand, with pistol club facilities that are considered to be of international standard. Finally, Hamilton Lake is just two minutes by car from downtown Hamilton. Here, you'll find swans, a kiosk, a children’s playground, walking/jogging tracks around the lake and plenty of lovely picnic areas.

Are these impressions likely to change?
No, the impression will remain the same, down to the local aesthetics: strict building codes ensure that Hamilton's greenbelt and natural beauty will not change.