How well-equipped is this city for those raising infants/toddlers? Specifically, are there public places to change diapers, maintained playgrounds, etc?
Cape Town is very well equipped for those who have infants and toddlers. All shopping centers have designated areas at all public restrooms for changing diapers. Most shopping centers have spaces where children can play. The also city has plenty of parks.
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Where can I get a list of reliable childcare providers/nannies?
Some local baby magazines, such as Your Baby, Living and Loving and Your Pregnancy, provide lists of child care providers/nannies. You can also check the local telephone listings or check online. For further information, please contact your Human Resources director or contact Crown Cape Town.
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Discuss any safety issues for children in this city.
Children should always be accompanied and supervised by an adult and should never talk to strangers. Since Cape Town is on the ocean, it is recommended that children take swimming lessons as well as be supervised by an adult when around water.
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What are the most popular kid-friendly attractions in the area?
Some of the most popular kid-friendly attractions in Cape Town are:

  • Butterfly World - The largest free-flying park for butterflies in South Africa.
  • Monkey Town - A refuge and rehabilitation center for displaced primates in naturalistic created habitats. The center increases awareness of primate habitat destruction and helps contribute to the conservation of primates of the world.
  • World of Birds - One of Cape Town's premier attractions. A paradise for nature lovers and photographers, it occupies a tropically landscaped hillside in the beautiful Hout Bay valley, which is surrounded by mountains.
  • Ratanga Junction - A full-scale theme park located at Century City, Cape Town. There are many different attractions, events and rides to see!
  • MTN Science Centre- South Africa's first world-class interactive science center. It is a place where you can have fun while learning about scientific discoveries and technological innovations.
  • Two Oceans Aquarium - Located in the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, this incredible aquarium is a must for anyone to see!

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What are the most popular activities for kids after school or on weekends?
Kids in Cape Town are involved in after-school activities and sports. They enjoy going to the movies, game arcades and shopping with friends. And, they like to just hang out with their friends at each others’ homes.
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What's it like to be a teenager in this city? Are there any particular challenges I should be aware of as a parent?
Being a teenager in Cape Town is similar to other places. As mentioned above, they love to go to the movies, the mall and like to spend a great deal of time with their friends. And, for a fun day out, they love to go to Ratanga Junction - a full-scale theme park.
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Are there any organizations/social groups in the area that cater exclusively to young people ages 12-17?
Local schools and churches are good sources for getting all youth group and activity information for your area.
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I want my child to get the most out of our stay in this country. Are there any specific opportunities to teach young people about the local culture?
Cape Town has many different types of events all year round and there are plenty of places to go and see to learn about the culture. Also, taking language lessons would be very beneficial.
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