How close-knit is the expat community in this area? How do I get involved with it?
Since the primary crowd of expats is centered in Johannesburg, followed by Durban and Cape Town, very few expats actually land up in Port Elizabeth. Therefore, the best way to find other expats in the area is through internet expat sites like
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Beside expat groups, what is the best way to make social connections outside of work?
A good way is to get a club membership such as Port Elizabeth Golf Club which will provide good social connections outside the work.
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Where can I meet other singles in this city?
Port Elizabeth, primarily being a tourist city is dotted with pubs, bars and nightclubs. One can meet interesting singles in such places.
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Are there any unique networking opportunities for accompanying partners?
There are no specific networking opportunities that are unique to the place, however Port Elizabeth has a small town's charm and this, coupled with its pristine beaches, means that there are ample opportunities for the accompanying partners to find a group of like-minded people.
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