What types of schools do most expats in your city choose for their children?
Most expats prefer to send their children to international (private) schools rather than local public schools. The best private schools are accredited and have waiting lists, so it is recommended that you begin your school search as soon as you arrive in the country.

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What are some examples of these schools?
Some of the international schools in Dhaka are:

  • American International School Dhaka
  • Oxford International School (OIS)
  • Cardiff International School Dhaka (CISD)
  • Australian International School

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Is there a lot of competition for spots in local schools?
Yes there is competition for gaining admissions in local schools. But you have options available as there are many schools available to choose from.
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Are pre-schools also widely available (for children approx. 2 to 5 years old)?
Yes. Most schools have pre sections for children.
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How are most kids transported to and from school?
Very few schools offer transportations. Most travel by their own private transport
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When does the typical school year start and end?
The typical session is January to December however it varies within schools and curriculum student is enrolled.
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Is there anything else I should know about local schools?
Local schools don’t have all the facilities as like the International Schools.
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