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Launched in 2013, Omio has been changing the world of travel by empowering customers to go on journeys that move them.
This Crown Recommended Partner brings together more than 1,000 transportation providers across trains, buses, flights, ferries, cars, and airport transfers to make it easier for travellers to focus on what really matters: the journey. Choosing Omio Travel means saving time and money while loving the journey you’re on.
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Omio Flights to Europe

Now more than ever passengers have more options when it comes to flying around Europe. Omio helps you book flights to Europe easily, by bringing all these options together in one place. With this Crown Recommended Partner you can search and compare the fastest and most affordable routes, so you’ll always find the right ticket.

Flights in Europe are argubaly the fastest way to move from city to city, and can be great if you’re traveling on a budget. A little tip form Omio is to book as far in advance as possible, while avoiding weekend travel can help when looking for the best price.
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Traveling by Omio Train in Europe, the United States of America, and Canada

Traveling without any trade-offs, Omio Train routes in Europe are faster on the ground than by plane. This Crown Recommended Partner has identified 28 routes within Europe where traveling by train or bus is faster than flying. And on top of that, major advantage when traveling by train is that there is No baggage fees, easy check-ins, and speedy departures and arrivals.
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Omio Buses in Europe

Traveling by Omio bus across Europe is a popular choice for locals and tourists alike!

Safe and reliable, buses are an option for both traveling within European countries such as France and Spain. Buses offer routes not only between cities, but also to smaller locations that are harder to reach—even by train! Omio Buses are also a great option for traveling across countries, with lots of companies offering intercontinental routes.

The biggest perk of traveling by bus is that it often the most cost-effective choice. Prices don't fluctuate as much meaning buses are a great option for those on a tighter budget or those who want to be more flexible with their plans.
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Compare and book ferries in Europe

The simplest way to book your ferry, this Crown Recommended Partner has teamed up with some of the top ferry operators in Europe to cover more than 700 ferry routes in United Kingdom. Omio Ferries makes booking ferry tickets hassle-free. Ferries allow you to enjoy a variety of unique perks such as great travel flexibility and onboard entertainment, ferries are also ideal when traveling with a big group or with family.
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The Window Seat

Discover the world with the Window Seat, Omio Travels own magazine to inspire, guide and delight, written by travel editors and experts. Get a unique perspective on travel by train, coach, flight & ferry.

With Omio all your travel options are in one place, with more than 1,000 trusted travel companies and travel agents across trains, buses, flights, ferries, and airport transfers, so that you can focus on the journey.