Your smartphone and you: Mistakes to avoid when relocating out of Turkey

Are you thinking about buying a new phone before moving abroad? In Turkey, it might be easy to find a good one, with good speed, high memory and of course, an excellent camera to talk with your family and friends. However, do you know that some do not work in certain countries? Read our next advices before leaving the Turkish territory and avoid having to purchase two smartphones instead of one!
1. Check your destination country network 
Currently there are two major phone networks worldwide: GSM and CDMA. If you are currently living in Turkey, your phone must be designed for GSM. GSM network is the most common network worldwide. However, major countries such as USA, Russia or South Korea use a different network called CDMA. 
The problem is that phones designed for a CDMA network do not work in a GSM network and vice versa. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a new phone, make sure it will work in your new country!
2. Unlock your phone
Plenty of people sign a contract with a home country provider. Normally they offer good deals for smartphones, but frequently these phones are “locked”, because they can only operate with SIM cards of that provider. 
As you never know when you will need your phone, make sure your phone is unlocked before your departure!
3. SIM cards and keeping your home phone number
Many expats, either because they will be for a short period abroad or to contact people easier when they are in their home country, want to keep their current phone number. If you wish to do, it is worth to check first with your current provider the roaming rates. Nowadays, international calls at inland prices are becoming popular in Europe and you might find good deals. 
If this is not the case, you will need two SIM cards (but notice you might have to do this anyway even if you find a good roaming deal, as many people will not be willing to call you on a foreign number in your destination country!):
- Your home country SIM card: For this number, it is advisable that you change your current plan and you get a basic one, just to keep the line active.,
- A new SIM card for your new country of residence: At first, it is better to buy a prepaid SIM, as you can test the different companies and check if they have good networks in the area where you live. Once you are satisfied with one, then you might consider to set up a contract if the conditions are suitable for your needs and your assignment length
4. Having phone insurance
Even if you have never had phone insurance in your home country,  when you are abroad you might attract much more attention, especially from highly-skilled thieves. Therefore, depending on the phone that you have, it might be advisable to have phone insurance. In the end, it is so easy to forget it on a coffee table, on the train seat or even in the supermarket, when you are in a hurry with all your bags!