Rome, the Eternal City, is the capital of Italy. A cradle of western civilization, Rome draws more visitors than any other Italian city and is the third-most visited in Europe.

The city’s profusion of arts, sculpture and monuments - as those found in and around Michelangelo’s Capitolene museums, the vast Colosseum and its blood-drenched history, Vatican City and magnificent St. Peter's Square, and the serenity of the Villa Borghese gardens - will endlessly enthrall newcomers.

Those settling in this breathtaking city will embrace the cozy atmosphere cultivated by trattoria serving the namesake Pizza Romana, and will take pleasure in whiling away the evening in Rome’s numerous intimate wine and book bars. Sublime chocolate shops and cafes where you can knock back an espresso or take your time over a gran caffé, gelatarias competing on every corner, antique markets and trendy shops, make Rome’s city living a breeze.

Beautiful, residential neighborhoods such as the Monteverde-Gianicolense area adjacent to Trastevere are ideal for families, as well as being close to Villa Pamphili, Rome’s largest municipal park. The Caffarella park in the heart of the city offers welcome relief from the hustle and bustle. Stretching further than the eye can see, it is not uncommon to meet a flock of sheep or stumble across a farmyard selling fresh eggs and cheeses.

Everywhere you turn in Rome, modern is juxtaposed with ancient, urban with rural, wealth with poverty. There is no contradiction, merely rough and tumble harmony.