How to choose a reliable Moving Company

It’s confirmed: you are moving abroad! After some initial excitement with the new destination, which has filled your evenings several days – if not weeks-, the time to take the move one step further has arrived: You have to choose a moving company. And what do you do? Of course, ask Google for the moving companies available! 
However, this is easier said than done. Highly likely, the number of results will be overwhelming. “I just want to move my belongings”, you might be thinking. Then how to choose? To help you on this arduous tasks, we give you the top 3 tips to choose a trustworthy relocations company. 

Start early

Don’t underestimate the time required to organize your relocation. Comparing the different options, organizing consultations, making bookings… all these are necessary and important activities to do for your move planning, and unfortunately, they are not a one-day thing. Thus, give yourself plenty of time to organize and finalize your arrangements stress-free and with the confidence that there is nothing missing. 
As a rule of thumb, we recommend you make contact a minimum of twelve weeks prior to your planned moving date.

Look beyond price

More often than not, we tend to rely on a single differentiator: price. But how do you know that your special requirements and particular timings are taken into consideration? Or that the items to transport are assessed correctly if an estimate is exclusively made over the phone or by email?  
Here some questions which you should be answered before committing to any company:
What are the extra charges if volume or weight exceeds estimate?
Does the estimate include port charges?
Is it a room-to-room service?
Do they assist with customs clearance?
Does the estimate include normal customs fees?
Does the company manage their own insurance?
Do they have their own office in the destination country?
Are they using an agent? If so, make sure you research them as well.
While it may be convenient to get international moving estimates on the phone or email, it can end up costing you more, sometimes as much as twice or three times the offer that was signed.  And your goods will be held hostage until the bill is paid. If there is a big price difference between companies, then there usually is a reason for it.

Ensuring quality: checking quality standards

When we are overwhelmed by options, a key differentiator is quality standards. Check if your short-listed moving companies have some internationally recognized quality standards. An example of them is the ISO certification, which Crown Relocations has earned in the majority of its worldwide locations. 
Another important indicator of high-quality standards is the option of insuring your goods. If the moving company offers you some kind of insurance for your belongings, it is a sign of caring for their job. It is important to remember that your goods will be traveling by truck, plane, ship, or another mode of transport—each of which carries inherent risks. 
No matter who you relocate with, if your shipment is over the size of the contents of one bedroom, you should have a consultant visit you in-person in your home. And even then you should read the fine print and ask questions if anything is unclear.