My Car Import

UK’s leading car importers - registering, testing and modifying your vehicles from anywhere in the world
My Car Import has successfully performed Single and Individual Vehicle Approvals on thousands of imported vehicles into the United Kingdom. Wherever your vehicle is in the world, this Crown Relocation recommended partner will be able to handle your import and registration process. With a worldwide network of agents on every continent giving up to date local knowledge and confidence wherever your vehicle is located.

Registering your car in the United Kingdom

My Car Import offers a fully holistic service to have your car registered fully on the road in the UK with the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency). This Crown Relocation recommended partner has built a strong relationship with the DVLA and are able to ensure that your registration occurs quickly and without issue. Registration and testing requirements are dealt with in-house and My Car Import can modify the vehicle to ensure they are compliant with regulations within the UK.
My Car Import will work to obtain a Certificate of Conformity (if you are not already in possession of one). This document will then define what modifications are needed to conform to UK road registration rules. This usually entails headlights, speedometer, and rear fog light modifications. All the paperwork is taken care off for the process of having your car UK road registered from mutual recognition process, to V55 import application.
 My Car Import handles NOVA entry of the car into the country, IVA modifications and full testing, as well as the DVLA registration process. 

IVA Testing

No government waiting times - this recommended partner is privately owned and can get your vehicle in for its IVA test quicker than anywhere else
IVA stands for Individual Vehicle Approval and relates to Type Approval of vehicles in the UK. Type Approval is the process which ensures that vehicles, their systems, and components, meet the appropriate environmental and safety standards for use in the UK and Europe. For a vehicle to be registered into the UK it must show that it has some form of Type Approval. In the case of new right hand drive vehicles supplied at your local retailer they will be supplied by the manufacturer with a mass scale Type Approval called a certificate of conformity.

DVSA Testing

The only car registrar in the UK to have made a considerable investment in a DVSA approved testing facility. This means DVSA inspectors use this recommended partner onsite testing lane to issue individual type approvals to client’s vehicles.

Your vehicle will arrive at My Car Import premises and leave fully registered without the need for it to be driven to a DVSA centre. With a worldwide presence and ongoing commitment to all aspects of UK compliance, and market leaders in the field.
An IVA test is undertaken by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) at a testing station or a DVSA approved designated premises. The DVSA staff visit the site throughout the week and carry out inspections on client’s vehicles accompanied by one of our IVA technicians. Once satisfied they issue IVA pass certificates that we use to register your vehicle with the DVLA. Your vehicle will always need some level of modification to achieve UK type approval and the My Car Import technicians have the experience to pre prepare your vehicle to IVA standard so when it is inspected there is the confidence it will pass every time.

Why choose My Car Import:

  • EU & Non-EU vehicle import experts
  • 4000+ vehicles imported
  • 30+ years of experience
  • Worldwide network of container shipping
  • The only privately held IVA testing lane for passenger cars in the UK
  • A hugely experienced team of import, testing and registration experts
  • Fastest turnaround time door to door of any firm in the UK
  • Fast track DVLA registrations
  • Extensive agent and partner network throughout the world
  • In house light conversions and compliance testing preparation