Chengdu Visas and Permits

 As a foreign resident, what is my status in your country?

The current immigration regulations were enacted in September 2013. More than ten types of visas are now available to serve difference purposes of stay in China.
Most of our clients stay in China under work (Z visa), dependent (S visa), business visitor (F or M visa), or tourist (L visa) status.
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What kinds of visas are available?

  • Z visa =work. For foreigners who require permission to work for an employer in China
  • S visa =dependent. For spouse and children of a Z visa holder.
  • F or M visa =business visit. For those who intend to go to China for exchanges, visits, study tours and other activities.
  • L visa =tourist. For those who go to China as a tourist.

What is required to obtain these visas?

Two major processes are involved for Z and S visa applications: 1) Pre-arrival process, and 2) Post-arrival process.
1) Pre-arrival – Mobility Consultant co-ordinate and advise transferees and the sponsoring company to prepare and arrange the documentation required for the pre-arrival immigration process. Once all documentations are in place, we will submit them to the relevant government authorities. Once issued, Crown will courier the immigration documents to the transferee’s country of residence with full instructions. Transferees simply follow our directions to apply for the relevant entry visa from the local embassy.
2) Post-arrival – Crown will assist with the required local registration process until the entire immigration process is completed.
Generally, passport copies, recent photos and attested documents showing the transferee’s credentials for the position and confirming relationships with the applying dependents are required.
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Are spouses permitted and/or likely to find work?

English teachers are comparatively high in demand in China. Note that a dependent visa holder (S Visa) is not allowed to work in China. One must secure a proper visa before they can commence employment in China.
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What are the main forms of identification and how does a newcomer obtain them?

Other than a work permit, a newcomer is also required to apply for the resident permit. The resident permit must be applied within 30 days of entry in China with the entry visa. Dependents are also required to have this permit in order to stay in China.
For accompanying dependent children - no additional immigration documents are required to attend school for children who enter China with an S visa and subsequently convert to a residence permit.
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Are there any other important permits I must obtain, or places where I must register right away?

Upon moving into your residence or moving to another district, you should register with the local Public Security Bureau.
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What items should I avoid bringing into the country?

Do not bring the following into the country:
  • weapons (ammunition or guns)
  • pornography
  • drugs
  • politically and religious sensitive material
  • plants
Do note: It is not allowed to include alcohol in shipments to Beijing.
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Is there anything else I should know about entering and remaining in the country legally?

It is important to track the immigration document expiry date. We recommend starting the extension process two month prior to the visa expiry date. Overstaying can lead to heavy fines or jail time.
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Crown Relocations has made every effort to present accurate information. However, regulations, rates and other variables are subject to change and Crown Relocations cannot accept responsibility for the errors that might result.