Tokyo Transport

Will I need to drive my own vehicle to conduct my everyday life (work/school/shopping) at my destination?
Many families live in Tokyo without a car, as public transportation is very good. Many stores deliver and parcel delivery is easy. After-school activities, small children and life outside central Tokyo can make car ownership attractive.
Yokohama can make a car ownership attractive. Parking is generally more available in Yokohama than it is in Tokyo.
How can I legally drive a vehicle in this city?
Regulations vary from country to country. Get an international driver’s license and plan to switch to a Japanese driver’s license within the first year. Insurance is mandatory. Crown Tokyo can assist.
What side of the road do people drive on?
Describe typical public transportation an expat might use to get around the city.
Subways, trains, taxis, buses.
Could an expat also use public transportation to get out of the city—to surrounding towns, recreation areas or suburbs? If so, list options.
Subways, trains, buses, ferry.
In regards to transportation, are there any safety issues I should be aware of?
Where do I buy tickets/tokens/etc. for the major public transportation?
You are able to buy tickets/cards at train or subway stations. Rechargeable stored-value cards (Pasmo or Suica) can hold up to 20,000 Yen in addition to a commuter pass function and make life much easier. They can be used on trains, subways and buses in greater Tokyo/Yokohama.

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