Canada: a country in need of expats

Are you planning to relocate to a new country to boost your career? Would you like to move forward in your job? 

With an aging population and unemployment levels constantly decreasing, Canada is in need of qualified professionals. In fact, it’s expected that unemployment levels will reach 0% by 2020. This rising demand for professionals could be an opportunity for Austrians who would like to live in an English-speaking country, receive a competitive salary and maintain a good quality of life.

In order to help you make an informed decision and start planning your relocation, we have gathered some of the most important facts about Canada. You can also find our complete Canada guide here.

Geography and population

Canada is the second-largest country in the world and is divided into two areas: north and south. It’s in the south where most of its inhabitants live and where you can find the major cities, such as Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal. Ottawa is also located in the south of the country and it’s considered the second-coldest capital in the world, just after Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia.

Canada is a multicultural and multilingual country, with migrants clearly contributing to the population growth.

Education and healthcare

Public education is available in the country and more and more private schools are also emerging, offering international schooling options.

All residents in Canada have access to the health system, which is free to citizens and residents of the country. Canada’s health system is recognized worldwide for its high quality.

Budgeting and living costs

Unfortunately, Canada isn’t a low-cost destination, which means it’s important to set up realistic expectations, for renting or purchasing a house, for example. Due to its size, prices can vary considerably when attempting to find a place to live in Toronto, Vancouver and their surrounding areas.

It is also important to consider that the stated prices of goods does not include taxes, which means that prices can be 10% higher or more.