Moving from Austria to a place with low cost of living

Are you interested in moving from Austria abroad? Check the costs of living of your favourite international moving destination. Apparently, an international move does not necessarily need to be a privilege for wealthy people.
The social expat network InterNations has identified in its latest Expat Insider report the most affordable moving destinations around the world. Over 14000 expats from close to 200 countries were asked to rate the cost of living in their new home abroad. Although Austria is already considered a relatively cheap country for expatriates to live – it was ranked on position 20 in the survey of the cheapest expat countries – there seem to be some cheaper destinations to live.  Moving from Austria to a place with low cost of living

Ecuador has been voted on first place. Not only it is the cheapest international moving destination, but it seems to be also the most popular country for international expats. The costs of living in Ecuador have been rated the lowest worldwide, and in addition to that also 26% of the expats in Ecuador are completely satisfied with their financial situation – with a gross household income of less than 25000 USD. To compare: the worldwide average is at 15%.

Poland is considered the second cheapest country for expatriates to live scoring high for affordable housing. It is followed by the Czech Republic, which is also appreciated for low housing prices. These two countries are particularly popular among US and British expats, also because they are ranked high in the quality of life index.

The survey also identified countries with a high cost of living: The most expensive expat country is Mozambique, followed by Nigeria and Brazil. Housing and security measures play a big role in the votes, as the neighborhoods where expats live usually require more security and more premium equipment. Further, food that is typical of Western or Asian cuisines and are highly requested have to be imported. Despite the high living costs, expats in these countries seem to feel that they have enough disposable income: In fact, 12 % of the expats in Nigeria stated that they have a yearly income of more than 250000 USD. Finally, 38% of the expats who moved to Nigeria were fully reimbursed the international relocation costs.