Moving from Austria to a sunny location

Many people moving abroad choose their destination not only by the professional opportunities they can expect, but they also look at quality of life, particularly on the climate and typical weather conditions that the international relocation destination may offer. This might surely be the case also for people living in Austria who want to live the sunny life. In fact, according to the recent Expat Insider survey conducted by InterNations among 14000 members, Austria has been rated only on position 36 (from 64 countries) as preferred moving destination regarding its climate.
In general, expats across the world gave attractive weather ratings for destinations in the Mediterranean parts of Europe, South America and Africa, while spots in North America, Asia and Oceania ranked lower.
Here are the top ten positions regarding best moving destinations considering local weather and related quality of life:
1. Costa Rica
2. Cyprus
3. Greece
4. Malta
5. Uganda
6. Kenya
7. Spain
8. South Africa
9. Mexico 
10. Portugal