Settling in to your new life in Switzerland

Switzerland is a country with plenty of expats and known not only for its captivating landscape but also for its high standards of living. Living in Switzerland is enjoyable and pleasant, but as with any country, the Swiss have their own habits and customs.  

To help you prepare for settling in, we've gathered some common tips to easily adjust to the Swiss way of life: 

Commit to recycling

Like Austria and Germany, Switzerland takes recycling very seriously. Familiarize yourself with local procedures and avoid committing a recycle faux-pas! 

17:02 is not 17:00

Swiss master time matters, not only in the production of high-quality clocks and watches, but also in daily life. Swiss people are reliable and on time, so avoid arriving late to any meeting, professional or otherwise!

Make connections 

On their arrival in Switzerland, some expats struggle to meet people. This is potentially due to the fact that Swiss people like to make a clear distinction between personal and working life. In addition, “after-work activities” might not be as popular as in other countries. So, how can you get to know other people – either local or foreign?

The best way is to join a club. It can be a sports club – remember that Switzerland is the perfect place for practicing a wide range of sports ranging from hiking to sailing – an art club or just an international club.