Spring weekend breaks for expats

As the day are getting longer in Austria and you become more active. You are trying to make as many outdoor activities as you can. Then, why not spending some of your weekends abroad, discovering new places in Europe? Being an expat is also about being open to new adventures, so don’t hesitate and start planning your next weekend break! 
Hallerbos, Belgium
Known as the blue forest, Hallerbos is located in Belgium at the border between the Flemish and Walloon regions, really close to Belgium. 
Its nickname comes from the fact that the forest is crowded with bluebells which bloom in the middle of the spring (normally around April, but this can vary from year to year, depending on the weather). 
Whether you are an amateur or passionate photographer, don’t miss this opportunity to take some fairy tale pictures in the middle of this forest. Your friends will be jealous!
Algarve, Portugal
If you just need to boost your vitamin D levels after a cold Winter in Europe, it is time to look south! Spain and South of France range among the most well-known seaside destinations, but the Algarve region in South Portugal, it is also a region that it should be in your list. 
Long beaches which are deserted in spring –except for the Easter period- are one of its main attractions, but if you are an aspiring surfer, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the Portuguese waves and take some lessons! 
Hardanger, Norway
If you want to enjoy off the beaten track spectacular natural treasures, the region of the Hardangerfjord will not disappoint you.
Starting with the fiord itself, which it is the fourth largest one in the world and the second biggest one in Norway, this area has unique landscapes hard to find any other European region. 
You can enjoy the views of some famous waterfalls or visit one of the glaciers in Folgefonna National Park. And if you are an expert hiker planning to make the trip towards the end of the spring, you can always hike until the top of one of the most spectacular cliffs in Norway: Tollunga. But remember, safety first, this is a hike only for experts!