Tips to help with your move down-under

Not only does Australia offers a wide range of job opportunities, reasonable housing prices, a good healthcare and schooling system, it also offers the promise of warm weather during the whole year. These important facts, make Australia as one of the most desirable places in the world for living.

Moving with your family and all your belongings can be a stressful journey, often it is hard to know where to start, how to plan and the actual logistics– when, where, why and how? 

Here are a few tips to help with your new life in Australia:

Ensure you have a valid passport

Ensure you and your family have a valid passports that are in date for the complete duration of the visa application. Be updated on the latest immigration requirements, you can keep track of the update on Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Develop your budget

Study the costs related with moving and living in Australia. Develop your budget with these budgeting categories: accommodation, transportations, food and personal spending (entertainment, dinning, education) etc. 

Consider your accommodation options

Will you buy or rent? a house or an apartment? If you are thinking of renting to start off with, there are a lot of temporary accommodation available, a great place to start looking is Australia’s Real Estate site

If you have decided to buy a property, then this takes a whole new set of considerations – particularly from a financial view.

School searching

If you are relocating with school-age children, explain them why you have decided to move and how it will positive for them. Take benefit of resources available to help find the best schools in Australia. 

Preparation is everything, but there will always be surprises. Contact our local consultants to help you settling in Australia or in any other destination.