Packing awkward objects when relocating abroad

Whether it be a musical instrument, fragile collection of figurines or glassware from your wedding, awkwardly shaped items are going to worry you when you relocate. They are sentimental objects as well as physically delicate. However with care and planning your items can be secure during transport so that you find them just as you left them when you arrive in your new home.

Quality packaging is key

If you have concerns about your fragile items arriving in their pre-transportation condition, look into the quality packaging available for your items. Thicker cardboard and the option of dividers inside to stop your items moving in transit are all going to help ease your mind during a big move.

Weight management

Do not make the boxes overly heavy. It may sound simple but you would be surprised how easy this is to overlook. Trying to utilise the box space you have is going to be tempting. However, think first, are you sure you will be able to pick it up and carry it without injuring yourself or dropping it? If the answer is not a confident yes then don’t overfill, especially if something of high personal value is inside.

Original package hack

If you have kept the original packaging to any of your awkwardly shaped items, this is going to be great added protection. Original packaging, especially styrofoam lining is custom-designed to perfectly fit your items.

Consider a professional relocation company

Don’t ignore any real concerns you have about your items surviving your trip. The last thing you would want to happen is move and your items be broken in transit. A professional moving service will be able to use their previous experience to guarantee your items are well taken care of in transit. As well as be able to provide you with the best materials to carefully package your items. Saving you a lot of time and stress in the long run.

If you are relocating and considering using a professional relocations service, click here for a moving quote and further information on Crown can protect your collections during transport.