Where to retire in 2017?

International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index has once again looked at the world’s best places to retire. We took a look at their top five countries for 2017. If you are looking for some inspiration on where to relocate for your retirement you may find it here.


Proud of its culture and heritage, Colombia is a country that has shed its dark past and is now thriving as a great place for anyone looking to retire. From the great beach scenery of Santa Marta to the culture of the capital city Bogotá. The capital is filled with theatres, restaurants as well as the Gold Museum the world’s largest collection of Pre-Columbian gold artefacts.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers retirees a very low cost of living in a picture perfect location. The unofficial motto for Costa Rica is Pura Vida which means ‘life is good’. And it’s easy to see why this great country would be for anyone looking to relocate.


Great for its affordability and the availability of real estate. Ecuador also has a lot of benefits for retirees. Over 65s will be able to get discounts on flights, up to 50% off movies, public transport and much more.


Famous for its canal, there are many reasons to move to this South American country. Panama’s Pensionado program makes it easy for retired expats to be granted residence. This also entitles them to a range of discounts on things like travel, healthcare and restaurants.


Home to a large community of expats it’s easy to see why Mexico was voted the world’s best place to retire. Mexico has a great balance of Mexican culture and a first world lifestyle. With such a vast selection of climates in this large country there is sure to be the perfect place to live for everyone. If you would like to retire in Mexico and become a legal resident you will also be entitled to discount on airline and bus tickets, restaurants and much more.

If you would like to find out more information about relocating to Mexico click here.