Online changes: virtual surveys to rescue mobility.

Currently, companies have had to develop and execute contingency plans in all areas, to face the current changing landscape and ensure the well-being of their workers. But someone wondered what would become of companies without the level of technology we have?
Whether you like it or not, the digitalization that we consume and execute every day, even if it is just to check a history of publications, allows us to develop in a work environment activities such as: meeting with people from anywhere in the world, use digital solutions to manage finances; manage different communication channels (social networks, chatbots, blogs, etc.) and even manage and migrate your products to online stores. And the question of security is something that can be reinforced by migrating both processes and databases. Companies like Amazon, Citrix, Oracle or Google offer spaces on the network that protect companies' data and operations.

Such is the flexibility it has and its benefits that even changes can be managed online. Of course, the logistical process remains physically active, but by replicating the processes online, everything is streamlined: requesting quotations and budgets, clarifying migratory requirements, knowing relocation advice or conducting virtual consultations where we estimate the volume of change.

In this industry, users who hire removal services (international and / or national) can even make their quotes through a video call. Crown's process, for example, is more scrupulous than that of other companies, as it first focuses on knowing the customer's concerns and objectives and then proceeds to assess the volume that will occupy the transport of belongings inside containers, either by land , sea or air, to any part of the world. whereas, while technology plays a key role in facilitating the process of planning, protecting and tracking assets, there is still no program that can provide an immediate overview of the particular situation faced by those interested in moving, since the variants also involve migratory procedures. This can only be resolved by having a good conversation with an expert who, worth mentioning, has experienced similar situations and understands what the main concerns and challenges are.


Virtual consultations... what is it?

Virtual surveys are the digital solution that Crown offers to people who need to move to another state or country. This is done through an application, compatible with Apple's Android and IOS operating systems, and is as easy as a video call. During this meeting, stakeholders return to their goals and concerns regarding the move and take the time to take a virtual tour of the home to measure the items to be transported. In addition, it allows to outline the steps that should be taken in the move based on the latest migration updates, as well as the prospecting of existing challenges and transit times. It is worth mentioning that Crown Relocations has been offering this technology in Brazil for several years and is the only company capable of giving updates in real time, providing 95% accuracy in relocation.

Sascha Santin, MKT & Sales LATAM.