Tips for relocating with your pet

Relocating can be a stressful time for everyone, including the family pet.  With preparation, planning and affection, you can help your pet through the process and happily adjust to a new home. These tips are primarily for dogs, but many can apply to other family pets.

Plan ahead

  • Tags, collars and accessories are not permitted on your pet when entering Brazil.
  • If your pet enters Brazil from another country, the pet’s information can be referenced using the Air Waybill (AWB) transport document used by the transportation and shipping company.
  • Owners of pets must present the pet’s Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) and may need to take it to a Brazilian Consulate and is issued or sworn translated into Portuguese.
  • Pets that are 90 days or older are require to have vaccinations against rabies.
  • Consider a pet microchip. Already chipped? Update their records with your new address.
  • Animals other than dogs and cats have specific regulations and procedures and require import permission depending on the animal and country of origin, contact a local Brazilian embassy or consulate.
  • Find a veterinarian at your new location. If your pet gets ill, you’ll be prepared.
  • Select a pet transport company that specializes in pet transfers. Crown local office can provide recommendations.

Prepare your pet

  • Maintain a normal routine and stay on the same feeding and walking schedule before and after the move.
  • Feed your pet a maximum of 4 hours before their flight and allow them access to water when they want it.
  • Help nervous pets become more at ease. Prior to the move, put moving boxes in plain sight; move them around so the sound becomes familiar.
  • A few weeks before the move, gradually familiarize them to their carrier/crate by putting it out in the open with a couple of their toys inside. A day or so later, put in a treat to reward them for going in. Eventually place their meals inside the open carrier. Soon they’ll eat their meals in the carrier with the door shut. Small pets can be carried around in the carrier or taken for a short drive. Reward your pet with treats and playtime afterward.

On moving day

  • It may be best to leave your pet with a friend, sitter or a boarding facility. 
  • Make sure your pet has their favorite blanket or toy during the trip, this helps with anxiety.
  • Keep a piece of the owners clothing in the pet carrier while traveling, the familiar scent of their owner will help to keep them calm during the journey.
  • Put a sign on the door so your pet isn’t accidentally let out. If you keep your pet locked in a room be sure to play soft music to help calm them and close the door tightly. 
  • Some movers prefer to not have pets around during packing due to liability reasons, so check with them beforehand.

Settling in to your new place

  • The environment you’re moving to will be new to your pet also, so gradually introduce your pet to each room, encouraging them to explore while reassuring them along the way. Initially, your pet will want to stay close to the family. Don’t close them away in a room by themselves; this can cause an anxious pet.
  • Place bedding, toys, food and water in similar spots at your new home as in your previous home. If the food dishes were by the kitchen door before, place them in the same location in your new home.
  • If you’re new home has steps, but your previous home didn’t, help your pet learn by putting the leash on and gently guiding him/her one step at a time. Reward your pet with plenty of praise. Your pet will gain confidence on the steps and will love his new home.
  • Your pet may develop anxiety or fear of their new surroundings. Be patient, give them some time to adjust and use positive reinforcement to help them adapt to their new home.

The animal-loving experts in our São Paulo office are happy to assist with your relocation and answer any questions you might have.