Travel Tips for International Moving: United States

Mover-se para o exterior é um sonho tornado realidade para quem sempre tiveram vontade de viajar, portanto, quando a oportunidade surgir, é importante fazê-lo bem para que seja possível desfrutar plenamente essa nova aventura.
Tips that can help make your move abroad go smoothly.
Once you've decided where you want to live, it's time to prepare for international change:
  1. Never lose your change of address list, type it up on your phone or add it to Google Drive before you move and you’ll always have it with you.
  2. Money matters: Always make sure your new wages reflect a living wage in your chosen area.
  3. Anticipate your international relocation using foreign sites and forums, for example, Expat Exchange, to learn from others or, better yet, you can visit the new country in advance. Knowing the location will allow you to start living there more quickly.
  4. Passport renewal dates are not always on our mental priority list. Therefore, we recommend that you review your document and, if necessary, renew it now so that you can travel worry-free.
  5. What are the essential things on the way to your new home? Prepare a bag with the essential items: documents, porters, toothpaste, a change of clothes and any medication you may need during the following week. This is very useful if you need to make an unplanned stop at a hotel. 
  6. Make sure all of your documents are in order. Do you need a special visa for any of your relatives? Remember that many countries require certification of official documents to accept them.
  7. Do not forget to notify the Secretariat of Ingresos Federales de Brasil or IRS, that you are moving abroad. This will prevent the US or authorities in Brazil from asking for your taxes later. Rest assured that your accountant can help you with this. 
  8. If you have children, apply for the corresponding study certificates at your school, where your level or grade is clearly stated. Make sure your doctor and dentist provide you with all the relevant medical documentation and, very importantly, investigate the health insurance options you may have after your move.
  9. It's something that always happens: a lost invoice, an item you forgot or something that still needs to be resolved. Confirm that there is someone you trust at home and that he can handle these kinds of things. Add him as a signer to a bank account (but not the main one) to be able to pay any unexpected bills or expenses, especially if you rent your home instead of selling it. 
If you are looking for a company that will manage all aspects of your relocation and give you peace of mind, or have questions about your international move, Crown Relocations will be happy to work with you.

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COVID-19 -New protocols-

As a preventive measure against covid-19. Travelers interested in entering North American territory should take a test and present the negative result of covid-19 prior to the approach. International assignees who need to enter the United States were required to process their work visa in advance. Brazilian travelers were required to maintain a 15-day quarantine in another country before entering the United States and presenting a negative test at the airport.

For more information, see the U.S. embassy page or our immigration updates.