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    It’s time to make the final arrangements

    By now, you should have your necessary documentation in place and you’re just counting down the days to your move 

    If you haven’t already, get in touch with Crown Relocations as soon as possible to set a date for the packing and moving of your goods and personal effects. Confirm when your items will be picked up, the expected transit times and delivery date, and how you will be notified in case of delays or unexpected developments. If you will be shipping vehicles, we can handle these as well.

    Make reservations for flights and transportation to and from the airport. Plan to arrive at the airport in plenty of time before departure for international flights, and include extra time upon arrival to go through customs. Arrange for a hotel and rental car at your destination if you will need one.

    Carry an emergency kit

    Notify your current utility companies of your shut-off dates and your forwarding address and telephone number. If you already know where you’ll be living at your destination, make sure your utilities will be turned on before you move in. Provide family, friends and business associates with your new contact information as well, and arrange for the postal service to forward mail to your new home. Make sure your banks, credit card companies, and other businesses have the new information to update their records.

    Finally, finish preparing your belongings for moving day. Keep money, jewelry, and other valuables with you, as well as important documents like passports or medical records. It’s also a good idea to carry an emergency supply of medications or toiletries with you in case your belongings are unavoidably delayed.