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With headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley, this Crown Recommended Partner is disrupting the global travel insurance industry by innovating consumer-focused marketplace resources to help travellers find the best travel insurance plans available anywhere in the world.
Founded in 2006 to not only satisfy the insurance needs of international travellers, but to do with a difference. Visitors Coverage is built on the belief that "choosing the best travel insurance should be simple, we set out to empower travellers to make informed decisions through the power of technology".

For over sixteen years, this Crown Recommended Partner has been dedicated to improving the travel insurance industry and helping travellers around the globe. And today Visitors Coverage continue to innovate for the best travel insurance solutions, to the challenges of the ever-changing travel landscape.
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Insurance Plans

 You need to be aware of the U.S.’s unusually high healthcare costs! New immigrants and green card holders who are visiting the United States of America can find peace of mind by purchasing medical coverage with travel insurance.

Why immigrant insurance matters?

These plans are designed to offer temporary coverage for new immigrants and green card holders who still list their home country as outside of the U.S.A. The plans can give you coverage for up to two years and aren't a complete replacement of your domestic health insurance plan.
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Immigrant insurance offers the following benefits:

  • Medical coverage
  • COVID-19 coverage
  • Emergency services
  • Medical coverage during travel
  • Urgent care
  • PPO Network
Visitors Coverage can help you get quotes and compare health insurance policies for new immigrants, green card holders and U.S. permanent residents who don't qualify for U.S. domestic insurance or Medicare.

The Visitors Coverage Promise

In addition to a seamless online experience, this Crown Recommended Partners dedicated team of licensed travel insurance experts, provide top-notch customer service to make sure each traveller gets all their questions answered. Millions of customers have trusted Visitors Coverage to find the right travel insurance plans.
Visitors Coverage offers travel medical and trip insurance plans from leading insurance carriers. This Crown Recommended Partner helps travellers compare plans easily and even offer specialized plans that will not find anywhere else.
The travel landscape changes as often as technology. Dedicated to anticipating these updates and innovating travel solutions to give customers the best online experience, products, resources, and tools for the way they travel.
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