Over one year

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    Increase your knowledge and your savings for a low-stress move

    While a year can seem like a long time to plan an international relocation, you may be surprised how fast the time goes by—especially when you are researching and planning your move. Also, depending on where you’re going, you may need a year or more to receive your visa. 
    If you haven’t already, start researching the visa requirements for your intended country, as well as any rules about medical examinations or pet restrictions. And be sure your passports are up to date before you begin the visa process.
    Unless you already have a job lined up abroad, you’ll need money to cover living expenses and possibly an unexpected expense or two while you get settled. Start budgeting now to build up a relocation fund for your move.
    On that note, if you don’t already have a job, now is the time to explore your prospects. What type of work permit will you need? Are your skills and qualifications in demand? Do you need any additional training or certifications? What kind of salary can you expect?
    What language is most prevalent in your intended country? Being able to speak the local language can make relocation much easier. Start learning a new language now, and you’ll be holding basic conversations by the time you arrive.