Five tips for settling in to a new country

Relocating to a new country will have many steps when it comes to preparing for your move. We listed five settling in tips to help you adjust to your new country as easily as possible.


Be aware of the ‘settlement curve’

Moving to a new country is not likely to be as straight forward as you think. You are likely to experience a variation of culture shock and homesickness during the beginning of your relocation. It is only natural that something will happen to make you question your decision. Understand this is natural and many people experience this. However if you are aware of it and plan ahead it will pass easily. One way to achieve this is to understand more about the culture and language of your new home country.

Learn the language basics

Understanding the basic phrases you will need to get by will help you settle in a lot quicker. Even if you both speak Danish or English taking the time to learn the language of your new home will be greatly appreciated by your local neighbours and co-workers. In time you may want to consider learning the local language completely, especially if this is likely to be a long term move.

Be a tourist

Part of settling in to your new home is to immerse yourself in to your new culture. To do this when you have the time go and explore your surroundings. Find out what activities are happening and take advantage of the opportunity you have been given to be a part of it.

Keep in touch with home

With modern technology this will be easier. If you are moving to another time zone you should consider pre agreed times with family and friends when they will be contactable. This way if it is morning for you and evening for them you can still have the quality time you need with friends and family from home. Of course with social media it is also easy to document your adventures with Facebook and Instagram enabling you to give loved ones at home an insight into your new life abroad.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

It is understandable to be unsure of how things work when you arrive or to still have questions about where to go for things. No one will expect you to be an expert as soon as you arrive. One important thing to remember is that you are not alone. There is a wealth of knowledge out there for you to tap into from co-workers and neighbours to the wider expat community.

With the right planning settling in to your new home abroad will be easy and stress free. If you are relocating abroad and would like a moving quote click here.