Working in Australia as an expat

For many years a move to Australia to start an international career has been a popular choice. We looked at the steps you will need to consider before embarking on your new adventure Down Under.

Where to move to

The options are vast and the right decision is dependent on your preferences. Much like in America, some may love the hustle and bustle of Sydney and the vast food options of Melbourne while others would prefer the quiet life and surf of the Gold Coast.

Working in Australia

Australian working conditions are considered to be among the best in the world. The average working week is 36 hours. A trade occupation will generally be 7am-3.30pm, while an office role will on average be 9am-5pm.

Finding the right job for you

You will find most vacancies in larger cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. However if you are considering a move to a particular part of Australia, click here to check out the State websites for the State-nominated visas currently available. Your profession may be in need in the part of Australia you are considering. This will help your visa application a great deal.

What To Leave Behind

Whilst you will want to take all your items, be aware that certain products will not be allowed through customs, such as alcohol (may be heavily taxed if you do so) and food. Consider selling any genuine leather items you have rather than bringing to Australia with you as well as any unprocessed wood.

If you are looking to move Down Under and would like a moving quote for your relocation click here.