Essential information to know when moving to Asia

Asia has become an increasingly popular place for expats over the last years.The largest economies in the continent are China, Japan, India, South Korea and Indonesia and it has the second largest nominal GDP of all continents.As well as economic wealth, Asia is traditionally rich in religion, ritual and tradition.

Moving  to Asia may seem like a scary thing, given the wide range of countries and cultural differences, however many expatriates find the change in environment very satisfying.

Nevertheless, due to these differences, it’s important for expatriates to know the basics before relocating.

Business differences from western countries

A lot of expatriates report the way of doing business here to be very different; this can often be due to the huge difference between eastern and western cultures.

Eastern countries are usually ‘collectivist’, meaning they are tremendously family-orientated and group-minded. They try to avoid conflicts and think in terms of other people versus themselves. This is opposite to western culture, which is considered as ‘individualist’.

These big different attitudes are often reflected in business practices. Asian companies may support building long-term relationships and sustained respect between people over immediate profit margins or short-term business goals.

However, it’s also important for social interaction with other employees to take place. Learning the language can be a big benefit with social interaction, feeling comfortable and professional functionality.

Education system in Asia

One of the main concern when moving with children to Asia is schooling. Due to the increased number of expatriates families living in the continent, there has been a vast demand for international schools, making it hard for new applicants to be accepted.

In cities like Singapore and Hong Kong, international schools will usually be in higher demand than others in the continent. Accordingly, it’s advised to be well researched and to apply as soon as possible.

These International schools are well prepared to provide to individual curricular needs, and are extremely well renowned for providing a world-class education.

Positive experience

Most expatriates report the experience to be an overwhelmingly positive one, although the relocation to Asia may be an emotionally turbulent time.

Culture shock can certainly be a big factor during the relocation, however when settling in, the opportunity to new experiences, new relationships and personal growth wins.

Asia has lots to offer, from eastern philosophies, traditions, cultures, food, activities and beliefs, many westerners find the change a profound and deeply moving one.

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