Family friendly: Relocating with kids

In our recent survey of 1,000 people in the UK, we found that over half of those aged between 29-49 with a family are seriously considering moving abroad, either now or within a couple of years. Despite Brexit, 25% chose mainland Europe as their preferred destination, while 23% opted for Australia and 18% for the US. Relocating with kids overseas is a major undertaking at any time. So what is motivating people to up sticks and move themselves and their family abroad?

Better quality of life

The majority (42%) of parents are looking to improve their lifestyle and make a better life for their families. With long hours and the stress and pressure of working life in the UK often intruding on quality family time, it’s no surprise that improving family life is so high on the list.

It seems the possibility of expanding horizons, enjoying the great outdoors and generally leading a less stressful lifestyle all contributes to the expatriate dream. The possibility of good education prospects for children and the opportunity to experience a different culture were all seen as beneficial.

Sunnier Climes

Non-stop drizzle and long grey days may just be the deciding factor for many to finally leave the UK and be relocating with kids. Better weather was given as the second biggest reason (41%). BBQs on the beach, outdoor pursuits as a family and long, lazy evenings all paint an idyllic picture of what life could be like in a different climate.

Work prospects

In this globalised world, moving for work may seem one of the most likely reasons for people in  this age group to consider a relocation overseas. They may have been asked to take up a long-term assignment by their employer or feel they’ve reached a ceiling in their current position and believe better career opportunities are abroad. There could be a lack of expertise in their particular field abroad so they may find a lucrative position where their skills are in high demand. Some may even be starting out on their own and setting up a new business.

A better salary combined possibly with a lower cost of living, lower taxes and plentiful housing may often prove an attractive proposition that could lead to that much sought-after improved quality of life.

Improved well-being

With increased awareness of stress and mental health issues, a high number of those surveyed (32%) stated that their well-being would be most improved by relocating abroad. This was a more powerful factor than the ability to improve their finances.

While it would appear that disillusionment with life in the UK, combined with a chance to follow ones dreams is motivating many to look for a more relaxed lifestyle abroad for their whole family, it was surprising that many didn’t see the financial benefits of doing so. This may be a challenge for employers who could see a brain drain of skills and talent abroad – or an opportunity as they seek to relocate star employees for a stint overseas.

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