France not a top expat destination

Anyone who is planning to relocate from France to another country might be interested in these survey reuslts: The top expats countries have been revealed by InterNations.
The popular social media platform for expatriates has recently published the results of the Expat Insider 2016 survey regarding preferred countries to move to. The poll referred to feedback given by 14000 expatriates around the world: According to that, your current host country France is ranking only on position 41, while the top 3 countries for living and working abroad are Taiwan, Malta and Ecuador. This ranking might be surprising, also considering how diverse these 3 destinations are.
On the other hand, we have to consider that a variety of factors such as quality of life, personal finance, working opportunities abroad, and settling in have been taken into account. Surprisingly, the USA have similar to France reached an average ranking on position 26 out of 67 countries. A significant role played the high costs for expats regarding healthcare and education, as well as political stability, which has been perceived as low by the expats who participated in the survey.
Regarding Taiwan, which has been voted the number one country for an international move, respondents appreciate very much factors such as personal finance, quality of life and working conditions. And in particular affordable healthcare services in Taiwan are considered positive by 95% of the expatriates who participated in this survey. Further details can be downloaded from the InterNations web site.