Six tips to be ready for your international relocation

Don’t leave anything to chance and take the advice of experienced mobility consultants before leaving France

Whether you are a student, a young professional or a parent, moving abroad will be a new, enjoyable and, of course, unforgettable experience. You will leave your comfort zone, improve your career opportunities and soak up a new culture – and probably language. But planning a relocation is a bit more complex than preparing a regular tip. Sorting out permits and visas, finding international shipping companies, looking for an accommodation… It’s natural to feel overwhelmed with all the details that need to be taken care of.

And here it’s when the advice of experts is useful. Follow these six tips and you’ll see how your stress levels decrease

Search for an international moving company in advance

Especially if you aren’t  flexible with your relocating and arrival dates, you should try to contact international moving companies as soon as possible. Otherwise, you might not be able to move on your desired date. These usually means at least 3 months before your preferred moving date – but as said, the sooner the better.   

Cancel your utility contracts

Before moving out of France you should let the utility companies know that you are leaving. Do this with some notice – some people would suggest up to five months in advance from your moving date. And of course, don’t forget to pay the last utility bills.

Inform your bank

It’s a good idea to inform your bank about your move and to keep your bank accounts in France opened for a short to medium term (to settle the last bills, for example). Before you travel, remember to notify the bank – you don’t want to have your credit card blocked in the middle of the journey!

Relocating with your pet

Unfortunately, moving your pet overseas will require some extra work too. Probably, you will need some documents and vaccinations. Also, animals need to travel in approved pet containers and by approved routes – which might mean that you cannot travel on the same flight as your pet. And depending on the destination, some animals might require a period of quarantine. To erase doubts, the best is to contact an experienced specialist on pet transfers.

The day of the move

Have all your personal belongings ready, make sure all the furniture is empty and check you have all your important documents with you (passport, visas,,,). If you live in the center, in a or in a place with no parking space, you might need to make special allowances for the parking space of the removal truck. Contact your local council in advance so this can be arranged.

Do you already have a moving date? Then ask for a moving quote and don’t delay your move planning!