Where do women prefer to relocate?

Are you a French woman considering moving abroad? Are you hesitating about relocating to an unfamiliar country? Don’t hesitate – get ready for a new adventure! 
According to the annual Expat Insider survey performed by InterNations, the world’s largest network for people who live and work abroad, Luxembourg, Taiwan and Germany are the best countries to live for working expat women. What do they have to offer?
Job security is one of the most important aspects that women value in Luxembourg (86% of the women surveyed), probably due to the good perception of Luxembourg’s economy. The country is also highly appreciated for its peacefulness and political stability.
Female expats value extremely positive their career prospects in Taiwan, particularly, six in ten female expats say that they feel positive about their career prospects in the country. This is confirmed by the fact that 86% of the expatriate women in Taiwan are satisfied with their current position – the global average is only of 62%.
The first European country is Germany, ranked third. Germany offers good career prospects for women (46% of the female expats in Germany are employees or managers), has a good economy (90% of the expatriate women feel positive about it) and good political stability  (89% of the expatriate female surveyed think their personal safety is good).