The world's most dangerous cities for expats

If you are considering to move from France to another country, it is worth it to check the most recent report, published by Mercer, about the world’s most dangerous cities. According to their global survey expatriates who are concerned about their safety should focus on relocating either to Luxembourg, Switzerland or Austria, which are considered the safest countries for expats.

On the other hand, among the high risk locations for professional expatriates are these cities: Baghdad (Iraq), Damascus (Syria), Karachi (Pakistan) and Nairobi (Kenya). Further high risk zones are considered in Nigeria and Lebanon. These areas present a financial challenge for international employers, who have to cover high expenses in order to guarantee safe housing options to their corporate assignees. Sadly Paris has been ranked only on position 71 due to recent terror attacks, which might be a motivation for some expatriates to relocate from Paris to a safer place. In the United States, top ranked cities in terms of safety were Chicago, Houston and Honolulu altogether on position 54.

Mercer rated 230 cities based on factors such as internal stability, crime level, performance of local law enforcement as well as relationships with other countries.