Five Top Islands for Retirement

Vacationing on a tropical, sunny beautiful island oasis is in reach for many. Taking a cruise, visiting for a week are all doable. But living there? If you are looking to retire as an expat on an island, according to International Living, these are the most attractive  and affordable islands to relocate tomalta

  • Malta, the advantages of this small island are many! With only 122 square miles, this English-speaking nation has over 155 miles of coastline. Your retirement funds can go surprising far here, with couples living comfortably on 2.300€per month.


  • Mallorca, Spain, immersed in history, you’ll find Roman ruins, Arab constructions and Gothic churches. Mallorca is one of the biggest islands of the Balearic Islands. The coastline has over1,405 square miles, with marinas, harbors and natural rock-lined coves. With a mild climate during the whole year, this western Mediterranean island can be also quite affordable for couples, living securely on 2.200€ per month.


  • Penang, Malaysia, a former outpost of the British Empire, is an ideal location for Americans looking to move around the world. The population of Penang speak English. This island hosts a First World convenience like you’d find at home. George Town, the biggest city on Penang, is a foodie hub and is home to eclectic architecture and a energetic art scene. Preferably, couples could live easily here on a monthly budget between 1,300€ and 2,300€.


  • Ambergris Caye, Belize, Belize’s largest island can help make your dreams of turquoise waters, snow-white sandy beaches come true. It’s also one of the easiest islands to relocate to. English is the main language, US currency is accepted and credit cards are widely used. Ambergris  is one of Belize’s most under developed islands, giving it a much laid back vibe. You could live here happily with 2.400€ - 2.600€ per month, renting a home. Some Expats have stated that if you own your own home on the island entire, it’s possible to live easily with less than 1.8000€ per month.  


  • Ireland, you won’t find a lot of sun or tropical sandy beaches. One common refrain from expatriate retirees here is that the Irish pace of life, especially in villages and rural areas, is slower than what they are used to at home. Perhaps that can also translate into savings. Ireland is certainly not one of the cheapest places to live.  A nice plus for the retiree -- free transport is provided for all who are over 66 if they are living permanently in Ireland. Having around 180.000€ in savings could go live happily a rural life in Ireland.

If you are thinking of your retirement in a sunny island, we will be able to help you through the whole process, don’t hesitate to contact our local experts.

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