Celebrating Valentine’s Day in your new town

We’ve rounded up three perfect ways to celebrate V Day in your new town. 
You’ve just moved into your new home and you’re finally settling in. Then, February is here, which means that Valentine’s Day is on the horizon! Whether you and your loved one celebrate this occasion or not, doing something special on February 14 is a great opportunity to create memories and help both of you feel more at home in your new town. However, coming up with ideas for Valentine’s Day, even in a place you’re comfortable in, can be difficult. We’ve rounded up three perfect ways to celebrate V Day in your new town. From romantic classics to unique experiences, we know this will bring you closer than ever.

Dining out 

Whether you have moved into a big city or a small country town, there are always restaurants on offer, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for you and your special person to try one out. You can never lose with the traditional high-class restaurants, however, if they’re already booked out, why not try something different? Take a stroll through town, starting at a local pizza restaurant or bistro and have a casual bite to eat. Then once you’re done, you have the opportunity to walk around together in your new area and explore different bars or even better, dessert! What a great way to get to know your new town.

Taking a local tour

Many people miss the opportunity when moving into a new town to take a local tour. Taking a local tour can be lots of fun and even better on a special day. If you have some time off before starting your new job, you and your Valentine can explore your town like a tourist. Exploring the town in this way, will open your eyes to the restaurants, parks, cafés and many more places that you can visit together in the future. What a great Valentines gift, planning places to spend quality time together in, for the year ahead.

Al fresco picnic fun

This one isn’t just for the nature lovers! Spending Valentine’s Day out in the outdoors can bring a new perspective to the relationship you share. Enjoying the fresh air and scenery of a new local park is always refreshing, but it will be especially exciting when it’s a new park in a new town. Create a memory that will be one of many, in this new place – maybe even bring the kids along, just pack a picnic and enjoy the serenity. If you have already started work, this option is perfect as you can meet up for lunch together – in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Once you’re finished with the picnic, you can have a walk around the park and explore.
No matter which kind of celebration you prefer, there’s always something to do in your new town. The sooner you start making memories around your new home, the sooner it will feel even more like home. We hope that the ideas above have inspired you to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one. If you have any relocation queries or are interested in moving soon, you can always rely on Crown Relocations to be there with you and your loved ones, every step of the way. 
Happy Valentine’s Day from Crown Relocations, we hope you enjoy this special day!