Feeling overwhelmed to plan your move? Find out what you can do to ease your stress

There’s a big difference between packing for a vacation and preparing for a big move.
There’s a big difference between packing for a vacation and preparing for a big move. Many people relocate each year and find the packing process to be the most stressful part of the move. If you're considering moving abroad, it’s important to understand from the outset the magnitude of what's involved, not just logistically but also emotionally. You’re likely to experience a whole range of emotions throughout the relocation process - from excitement to anxiety and nervousness. 

The more that you’re able to rationally plan, anticipate and know what to expect, the more likely your relocation will be a successful and enjoyable experience. The initial decision to move involves a range of emotions, which could be different for each member of the family. Generally, these are focused around your reasons for moving and the benefits your relocation is expected to bring versus the perceived disadvantages, such as moving away from family, friends and familiar environments to a new start in a new location.

It’s important to remember the positives and the reasons for the move throughout the process, while also bearing in mind the logical and rational elements that you need to plan and put into place to make the move a reality.

Klara, who moved from Hungary to Germany solo, said: “The excitement about moving around and gaining new culture experiences helped me to keep going through the lengthy admin process.”

Telling your family and friends about your decision to move can often be the most difficult part but clearly explaining your reasons for this decision is essential. The greater their understanding the more support you could receive, and you can also help them to their first trip to visit you in your new home.

Visiting your potential new homeland is also an exciting part of the initial planning phase and is useful to reinforce all the positive reasons for the move and to help you and your family get excited about the prospect. While there, try to think like a local rather than a tourist, and make the most of the opportunity to gather as much information as you can.

Marcio, who moved from Brazil to the UK with his wife, has the following advice to help you through those emotional early stages: “Remain focused on the end result and what you hope to achieve and that will get you through the move! Also, getting to know the different areas of your new home, this will help you decide on the best area to move to that will suit your lifestyle.” 

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