Moving to a whole new world in 2021?

How to do better for your family and the broader community while relocating in the new year.
One of the best parts of the New Year is the New Years’ resolutions. In 2021, we all want to leave the pain of 2020 behind us and committed to achieving our goals this year. How can New Years’ resolutions be used in the process of moving to a new home? We have put together the ultimate list of how to do better for your family and the broader community while relocating in the new year.

Give back more

One of the biggest New Year’s resolutions people have, is to give back to those who need it, as well as giving back to the environment which is so precious to us. Luckily, there are many ways you can give back while moving.

Firstly, you can donate any unwanted clothes or other goods to charity. This is also a cleansing task for you and your family as you get rid of any unused items and start fresh in the new home. You can also be more charitable when moving to your new home by choosing to buy furniture and décor from online marketplace, such as Facebook Marketplace or Gum Tree. This will not only be doing a good thing for the community but will also be saving you a lot of money in the process. 

As for the environment, the simplest way to give back is to use recyclable packing materials or simply use towels/sheets to cover delicate items instead of bubble wrap. 

Stress less

A personal New Year’s resolution that we hear a lot with our customers at Crown Relocations, is that they want to stress less when moving. Stress is unhelpful in all of life’s endeavours and moving to a new house is not an exception. The best way to reduce stress in the process of moving to a new house is to hire professionals. Not only will professionals take the hassle out of the whole moving process from start to finish – they can also provide support and advice to any questions you have when needed. 

Having a helping hand throughout the moving process, especially from experienced professionals, makes the whole moving process stress-free, creating more space for excitement and enjoyment for the whole family. 

Get organised 

Getting organised is not only one of the most common New Years’ Resolutions, but it’s also one of the most effective attributes you can have while moving to a new house. Getting organised prior to moving can include things like; updating your address with all important entities, registering your car in a new state/country if you’re moving that far and organising the schools, jobs and extra-curricular activities you and your family will attend. 

Once those important tasks are completed, it’s also handy to research transport and decide the best method and route for taking your kids to school and yourself to work. It’s also nice to find out the local supermarket, shopping mall, cinema, library, parks and other areas of recreation that may become your regular fun spots on the weekend. 

All of the above tips are sure to make your New Years’ Resolutions a reality and will actually make your life much easier once they are in place.