Shared Container

Save money on smaller shipments

A shared container is a service for smaller shipments to popular destinations. 

Shared container provides a more economical service by consolidating your goods with other Crown customers into one shipping container. Our unique e-packing system with bar code labeling ensures that there is no mix-up of goods. You only pay for the space you use - this is a very cost effective container transport method.

Shared container is also more ecologically sustainable as recourses are shared. 

How does it work?

You will be sharing a container with other Crown Relocations customers moving to similar international locations. By consolidating several customers into one shipping container, you pay only for the volume you need - far cheaper than airfreight or a direct LCL (less-than-container load service). 
1. Expert packing and wrapping service at your home
2. Deliver your goods to our secure warehouse
3. Consolidating your goods with other Crown customers

4. Multiple Crown customers share a container
5. Sea shipping
6.  Delivery of your shipment to your new home, unpack, place furniture, and unpack items onto a flat surface. Removal of packing material

What are the benefits?

Save money!

Ecologically sustainable

Enjoy the same premium Crown service quality

Assured careful loading of your belongings at your residence

Professional delivery and unpacking at your new home

What options are currently available?

Hong Kong to United Kingdom and Europe

The shared container will travel to a Crown approved specialist facility before your belongings are transferred to your final destination via the Crown European Transport System.  
 ๐Ÿ‘‰ Moving to UK

Hong Kong to Australia

Shipments will be routed through a Crown approved Sydney or Melbourneโ€™s specialist facility. Your belongings will then be transported to your new home by road.

Hong Kong to Singapore

The shared container will travel to a Crown facility before your belongings are delivered to your new home.

How long does shared container shipping take?

Shared container generally takes longer than full container load shipment, depending on your origin and destination. During peak season when demand is high, we can offer a shorter waiting time.  

Please check with your Crown Consultant for up-to-date transit time projections. 

What are the shipping costs and fees?

Shared container cost is calculated by volume in cubic meters (CBM) / cubic feet (CUFT). 

What is included in the cost?

Professional packing and picking up your belongings from your residence.

Consolidating shipments and loading into containers at Origin.

Sea shipping.

Deconsolidation and customs clearance requirements.

Delivering your goods to your new home, unpacking, placing furniture, placing items on flat surfaces and removing packing materials.


Please call our expert consultants on +852 2636 8399 or WhatsApp  +852 6971 2376 to learn more about the advantages of Crown Shared Container Shipping Solutions.

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