Moving to New Zealand? Here are some things to consider

New Zealand, the emerald jewel of the South Pacific is famous for its fantastic vineyards, arresting scenery and a pervasive spirit for adventure. The main islands of this lush archipelago, whose land mass is roughly the size of the US Colorado state, are the North and South Islands. New Zealand’s spectacular glaciers, picturesque fjords and rugged mountains give way to vast plains, rolling farmland, subtropical forest, volcanic plateaus, and over 15,000 kilometers of stunning coastlines.

New Zealand is also a great place to do business and ranks consistently high in ‘Doing Business’ reports by the World Bank every year. New Zealand has long been a popular destination for people looking to pack up and start a new life overseas. So what makes New Zealand such a popular choice? For starters, the culture is fairly similar to that of Britain – not surprising since New Zealand was colonized by the British in the 19th century. Starting a new life here isn’t as difficult as it might be in other places, especially as there aren’t any language barriers to overcome on arrival.

But making a move overseas rarely comes with no problems at all. Here are some tips to make a move to New Zealand even smoother:


Picking a place to live will depend mostly on where your work place is located and obviously on how much you can pay. Renting before buying is a wise decision in most of the cases as it allows you to settle-in before making a considerable financial commitment. A professional relocation service provider can arrange for preview trips and also assist with property selection and handover. Our home search services are comprehensive and offer you complete peace of mind in a new destination.


It will be good to know the area before renting and explore the nearby facilities such as schools, kindergartens, food markets and green areas. Consider the distance you will need to commute to work every day. It’s better to book short term accommodation in the beginning, this option will give you time to look at different options in different neighborhoods before making a final decision. Most properties in New Zealand are rent though real estate agents. Usually the regulation is to pay one month’s rent beforehand, in case of damages. Tenants must also pay a fee for the lease contract, in addition to a deposit for gas and electricity.


Buying a property in New Zealand shouldn’t be difficult as long as you research the market. You might be able to get your dream house as the properties are usually a good size and have also plenty of land. Visit real estate websites to get an idea of the price of the properties.

Healthcare system

The medical system in New Zealand, offers both options, public and private healthcare. The Ministry of Health provides a complete public health service managed by local district health boards and provides free treatment for public patients. Even though there are rules around suitability - most migrants are eligible if they are on a working visa valid for longer than two years. You have also the option to choose a private health insurance. However some migrant visas are not suitable for registration to public health services straight away - therefore it’s advisable to find out your options for private health insurance after applying for visa.

Travel insurance

You need to have a travel insurance to cover your trip to New Zealand. This affects to travellers coming on a short term trip and to expatriates moving here over long term. There are a lot of options available that will cover the costs of flight tickets and hotel in case of emergencies or cancellations.

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