Moving to Mongolia: Why this astonishing city could be the place for you

Expats moving to Mongolia will find a slow paced and astonishing landscapes full of beautiful nature and ancient traditions, in a place where breathtaking mountains and beautiful lakes just beyond the city’s borders. We looked at just some of the many great reasons why this city could be the place for you.

The culture
The biggest city is the country’s capital Ulaanbaatar. Because of its Soviet history, Ulaanbaatar is also a city where Asian and European cultures coexist. Expats often refer to Ulaanbaatar as “UB” for short. You can experience its colorful and fascinating culture from watching the shows at the National Academic Drama Theatre, and tasting the traditional Khuushuur dumplings.

The transportation

You do not need to own a vehicle of your own to get around, as Ulaanbaatar is a small city. Plus, keep in mind that traffic is getting worse every day, so you will probably not want to drive. Taxis are cheap and easy to find in Ulaanbaatar, plus the drivers are trustworthy and the cars are clean. Buses are also available, but they are crowded. Many expats avoid this mode of transportation. In addition, most foreign businesses have their own shuttle buses for transporting their workers.

The climate

The Mongolian climate has an extreme continental climate with long, dry winter and short, hot and rainy summers. Springtime can be very windy, making everything dusty. Summer can scorch at average temperatures between 30°C and 45°C. Ulaanbaatar is the world's coldest capital city, with an average annual temperature of 0°C. Winter temperatures often drop to -40°C, which means that most of the country's budget goes toward making sure power plants work properly during winter.

The community
The small expat community tends to congregate at places such as Big Irish, Verandah, MB, Millie’s Café and the Rosewood Coffee House. Social connections can also be made by meeting at The Blue Sky Hotel Central Tower for drinks on Wednesdays.