10 Moving Hacks: Get set…go!

It’s an exciting - often daunting - prospect. With a hundred things to do and a thousand things to think about, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Whether you’re moving for work, with the family, or planning a happy retirement, here are some moving hacks that make your relocating process as painless as possible.
1. Pack some children’s toys in your travel suitcases, or request a ‘Crown children’s truck’ as having some familiar toys can help children to settle in a new location.
2. Keep a photocopy of your passport and important travel docs in a separate place to take with you.
3. Keep any important items that are not to be packed in one place – a good location is the bathroom.
4. Keep a copy of your prescriptions, these can then be handed to your new doctor in your new location. Take these in your suitcase, do not leave these for the packers.
5. Always check your passports are in a safe place before packing starts.
6. Keep all clothes and travel items packed in your suitcases and hand luggage bags in one location.
7. If you’re packing over more than one day, keep toiletries and essentials out of the packing.
8. If you wish to pack any personal items during packing, you can always ask our crew to make you a box when they arrive.
9. Place a bowl with a couple of unused teabags and half a lemon inside your washing machine, fridge and freezer (once turned off), it will help to remove any excess moisture before packing.
10. Back up and import files or pictures on a USB stick and take that with you.