10 top tips on relocating to Bahrain

For many, Bahrain is a country very different to your home; different culture, language, weather and much more. Tips on relocating to BahrainTo help you prepare, here’s some top tips on relocating there.

  1. If you have school age children, getting them in to a school should be your priority. Schools are usually full with long waiting lists and by not being organized your child’s school may be located  far away from where you intend to live.
  2. Research the area's you’d like to live in carefully before making your selection. Common expat areas include Riffa Views, Saar, Janabiyah, Adliya, Seef or Amwaj Islands.
  3. If you’re bringing pets with you, certain inoculations are needed, the process of which can take three months. Plan well ahead to ensure your pet isn't left behind in kennels while they wait to be flown over.
  4. Bahrain is a Muslim country, but unlike other countries welcomes other religions and traditions. We have Catholic churches and Hindu Temples, we have great Christmas and Easter celebrations.
  5. Except taxis, there is virtually no public transport available in Bahrain. This is going to change during 2015, but as it stands, traffic can get very congested because everyone using a car.
  6. Bahrain is full with shopping malls, you can buy virtually anything here that you can get in most countries.
  7. Join an expat club to make friends quickly and easily. There is a big expat community in Bahrain, everyone is in the same position so friendships tend to be very strong.
  8. Join Aramex shop and ship. It is $US 40 for a lifetime membership allowing you to shop in over 10 countries and have the goods sent to your home in Bahrain at a small cost.
  9. Get a Skype number registered in your home country and also get a subscription for free calls to that country will be useful. This helps you to stay in touch with your family and friends and also gives you a number to list on your bank accounts and credit cards.
  10. There is good internet service and Satellite TV. In some properties, the cost is included in your rent which is a very good deal. There are lots of internet providers but ensure you check they work well in the area you choose to live. OSN is the best TV provider. If you wish to watch your home country TV through your PC, then you will need to download a good VPN ( Virtual Private Network). There are three mobile providers: Viva, Batelco and Zain.

Joanna Murphy, Relocation Consultant Bahrain