Australia: one of the most popular destinations for young Hungarians emigrants

Since the start of the crisis in 2008, a lot of young Hungarians decided to take the challenge of trying to find their success abroad. Australia is one of the most population for young Hungarians emigrantsAt the beginning, the most popular destinations to emigrate were Austria, Germany and the UK. However, Australia has also become one of the most attractive countries with its stable and long term promising economic and social environment. There are no exact statistics on how many people left Hungary on a temporary or permanent basis since 2008, but official estimations make it appear to be around 300.000-500.000, mainly people between 25 and 40. This is quite considerable bearing in mind Hungary's total population of 10 million.

A higher number chose Austria, Germany and the UK due to these countries' proximity to Hungary which also makes moving or traveling back home relatively easy. In comparison, relocating to Australia requires much more courage, determination and need for assistance from a world mobility expert. In the past 5-6 years, Crown Budapest has helped a large number of expats move to Australia thanks to its tailor-made and efficient solutions that can ease this long and complicated process. It can also guarantee that relatively small shipments - containing for example essential valuables of those leaving their home country - arrive safely. This allows these young emigrants to settle in and turn their focus on the next and exiting chapter of their lives.

The trend has not changed since the crisis and on a weekly basis Crown Budapest receives new enquiries which are being handled with the same care and enthusiasm. 

An interesting piece in Budapest Times notes the increase of Hungarians living abroad, and highlights that the emigrants tend to be much younger than before the crisis.

Imre Papp
Regional Manager Hungary - Poland and Romania

Born in Hungary and grew up in Hungary with a short 2 years “expat” experience in Algeria. 17 years’ experience in relocation business 12 years with Crown. Started as Branch Manager Budapest then added Bucharest in 2008 and accepted Warsaw engagement to make it for a region. Proud my teams members at these location and enjoying my job every day.