Costa Rica plus your family – a great vacation!

When we think about family vacations, most of us probably think about huge amusement parks with fast, scary roller coasters, big carousels, amazing parades and plenty of team sport events to enjoy with the family. Those are absolutely unforgettable family vacations. But there are certainly other types of vacations that can offer great excitement for everyone in the family.Costa Rica outdoor activities for the whole family

The 2014 U.S. News & World Report Travel’s Best Vacation Report identified Costa Rica as the top destination in the category of Best Family Vacation in Central & South America. But, what makes Costa Rica so unique as to deserve such an important recognition?

Costa Rica is widely known as a tropical paradise offering plenty of outdoor activities for the whole family. Adventure travelers will be able to enjoy a wide variety of activities in Costa Rica such as rafting, diving, zip-lining or canopying, climbing, bird watching and many more. 

Besides the exotic beauty of its beaches, rainforests and the diversity of its wildlife, the warmth, welcoming and eagerness of Costa Rica residents (also known as “ticos”) to please tourists from all over the world has been rewarded by the experts and readers of U.S. News & World Report Travel.

Thinking about relocating to this beautiful country with your family? If so, check out our Costa Rica settling-in tips. In addition, Crown San Jose will be more than happy to help and welcome you to our beautiful country.

Erick Carvajal
Country Manager, Costa Rica

Erick started his career with Crown in October 2010. He is the Country Manager of the Costa Rica office.