Do Third Culture Kids have the edge in today’s global economy?

A Third Culture Kid (TCK) is an individual who has spent a significant amount of their developmental years in a culture other than that of their parents. Do Third Culture Kids have the edge in today's global economy?They grow up knowing they have to change their behavior, language and customs to suit the situation. Some might even call them “cultural chameleons” because, after a few relocations, no one has to formally teach them how to behave. It is something they often learn by experience. 

To that end, TCKs have a high degree of adaptability, self-confidence and are known risk takers. Meaning in today’s global economy, they have the ultimate competitive advantage.

The international employment market is an extremely competitive arena where international skills and cultural agility are highly sought after.

Jorge Gonzaga, Crown’s Intercultural Services Manager – EMEA, says: “TCKs bring an array of skill sets, such as cultural awareness and cultural sensitivity – as well as the innate ability to communicate efficiently across borders.” 

But for relocating parents, education is consistently rated as a top challenge. The process of finding the right school in a city you don’t know is not only daunting, but can be frustrating. Especially if there are limited options and long waiting lists.

For families faced with making the right education choices, our Education Guides provide an in-depth understanding of the schooling systems in some of the relocation hotspots around the world, ensuring children develop the skills required to succeed in global business.

Each guide compares: 

  • School options and curriculum
  • Stages of schooling 
  • Entrance requirements and application procedures 

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