Get ready for a move overseas from Czech Republic

When preparing for a relocation abroad from Czech Republic, there are lots of things to take care of. Getting organised is one of the most important aspects of a smooth relocation.

Here are a some easy guidelines to help you with your move:

Good time for cleaning up
Months before your moving day, reduce the amount of items you will move. If you haven’t used something in over a year then you don’t need it and you can throw it away. You might be able to sell some items online, to friends or at a car boot sale. Bear in mind that depending on where you move it might not be worth bringing your appliances due to different voltages and plugs.

Clean your fridge
Consume all the food from your fridge, freezer, and cupboards as you won’t be able to take any food with you. Avoid doing too much grocery shopping or buying in bulk just before the move.

Communicate your move
Tell your friends and family members that you're moving. Send them your new contact details or consider sending a moving announcement. Fill out an official change of address form and also check any companies you are signed up with and inform them that you are moving. Cancel any subscriptions and set up delivery in your new neighbourhood if it’s possible.

Protect valuable items
Gather valuable items such as: personal documentation, jewellery, and any small high value belongings. Keep these important things outside your moving boxes and make a plan for shipping them with you or via a trackable courier service with insurance. Prepare an inventory by listing the high-value items, the value and don’t forget to take photographs. 

Be prepared for the packing
If you are moving big appliances, make sure that they're cleaned, unplugged, and ready to move. Freezers need to be defrosted in advance and you might need a professional to disconnect gas lines on particular appliances. In case you need medication, fill prescriptions and make sure that you have packed all of them. Make sure you have enough money in a valid currency in your new home, and a valid credit card to pay for any unexpected expenses.